Thank Heaven for Little Girls - Guest Post by Lindsay from Hello Hue


Lindsay is another long-time favorite of mine in the blogging world. She's got the sweetest, most positive attitude about life, and a bold personality that I just love and admire! Lindsay is about to welcome her own little boy into the world this summer - little Silas Kai! I can't wait for you to visit her beautiful blog and experience life through her artistic, colorful eyes.
Hello sweet Of Anselm readers! My name is Lindsay and I write over on the blog Hello Hue. Naomi is taking time to soak in and enjoy their sweet baby girl and I'm so ecstatic for her and her sweet family!

My own baby boy is due in August, but as I sat down to write for this post, I had fun daydreaming about what it might be like to bring a little girl into the world. Oh, the ruffle-butts, the sweet headbands and all that pink!

Besides all the adorable girly things, what would it be like to raise a girl? What would I want her to know?

I'd want her to know that her mom and dad love her dearly, that Jesus does too and that she is absolutely lovely the way she is. There's so much in society telling our beautiful girls to act this way and look like this, but I hope my little girl would be unique and groove to her own beat.

I'd tell her to...

eat ice cream for dinner every now and then

go ahead and wear white before Memorial Day

love people that others choose to scorn

sure, pair that purple skirt with the green top!

take notes with hot pink ink

try out for the hockey team

dance to the music, no matter where you are

color outside the lines!

What would you want your favorite little girl to know?

The banner for the Thank Heaven for Little Girls series was created 
by the talented Oana Befort.


  1. Such a touching post, Lindsay! And Congratulations to Naomi and her family. Little girls are fragile and I pray every day over Lucia that she grow up to be a confident, strong, outgoing, selfless woman for God. It's tough living in a society that you know is going to continuously push her down and blind her eyes from the Truth. Our job as parents is to make sure our children are equipped and ready for what the world holds, live their lives for Him, and spread His love to the lost. It's scary to think about, but so exciting to watch God's plans unfold in their littles lives.

  2. i'd want her to know that beauty has much to do with how you champion other people. beautiful guest post!

  3. what sweet sweet words :)!

  4. I love drawing a lot too and all those sweet colours and colour pencils are really lightening up my day :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Such sweet, quaint words of advice. I would definitely tell her to wear white before Memorial Day; I do myself. I'd tell her she's beautiful each day, each time I see her smile. I'd tell her that freckles are not blemishes, but playful marks of youth. I'd tell her, whether she is young or old, to jump in puddles with bare feet. To thank God for each day's sunshine. To never doubt your own creativity.

    Naomi, congratulations to you! I just discovered your blog from Oh, Mishka, and I enjoyed my visit. I wish you the best in learning and knowing your family's new addition. Congratulations.

  6. i just stumbled upon your blog, it's just lovely. i adore this post - so sweet and things i would tell a little girl.

    looking forward to reading more and following along! :)


  7. hello there! i see that i found my new favourite daily read :)


  8. Lovely post! And amen to eating ice cream!

    My words would be "kindness is the most beautiful thing you can wear."